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Aditya Soma


I am #FreedomAgent Aditya Soma and I’m one of the top 40 Real Estate Agents in Canada.

Born and brought up in Telangana, India, I saw firsthand what crippling debt could do to families. My father worked as a labourer in Dubai, and I got my education at a boarding school away from my family members. In 2012, I migrated to Canada to study with the help of yet another debt.

After passing out of college, I did many odd jobs and worked back-to-back shifts before landing a full-time job as a software engineer in Windsor, Ontario. Two years into my job I started exploring different ways to earn passive income. I found my calling in Real Estate and invested my first hard-earned money into my first property – a Duplex in Windsor. This decision was my first step toward attaining Financial Freedom.

Fast forward to today, I own a portfolio of a few dozen units and have closed 500+ real estate deals valued at well over $200 Million with a 98% recommendation rating!

I carry my expertise as an investor while helping buyers and sellers make the most of their real estate investments. My approach as a Realtor is to work towards helping my clients by keeping their interests first and being completely transparent with them. This approach has worked wonders for me and helped me rank as the #1 Windsor Agent for several years in a row on Rate My Agent.

I also run a YouTube channel where I share my real estate investing and realtor journey. My content is geared towards helping and inspiring others to achieve Financial Freedom through real estate investments.

If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Windsor, just give me a call and I promise it would be the best decision you take that day!


Aditya Soma is hands down southwestern Ontario’s BEST agent. I have never met a more passionate, hardworking, pleasing, driven, motivated, respectful, HONEST and respectful person in this industry. The level of comfort and assurance he offers his clients is unparalleled. His knowledge base is backed by data and is very respectful of his client’s feelings/wishes. I would recommend Adi to ALL in the market seeking to sell or buy. We have had the pleasure of selling our home with Adi as well as buying our dream home. You can be sure Adi will put his best foot forward for every single person he encounters. Finally, I would trust Adi with my life. Really and truly. Purchasing/selling a home is a huge deal and I wouldn’t have had anyone else representing me. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Adi.”

Natalie and Justin Lemay
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Mamatha Nalla Aditya Soma Team

Mamatha Nalla


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After 12 days on the market, and 7 offers, we accepted an offer $150k above asking. Working with Aditya and Mamatha was a wonderful and easy experience, and I would recommend them for all your real estate needs.”

Anthony Gray
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Kuldeep Medthapally Aditya Soma Team

Kuldeep Medthapally


I am the #HappyRealtor, Kuldeep Medthapally, a realtor in Windsor who loves to help people achieve their dreams.

I made ten sales in 30 days and was ranked no. 3 in the top real estate agents in Windsor. I am a Realtor by passion and a Technician by blood.

My favorite part of being a realtor is educating clients on the importance of getting into real estate and the opportunity to help them find their dream homes and make their dreams come true.

I love being my own boss, which gives me a flexible schedule and allows me to be in control of my success or failure. I also love meeting new people every day—new ideas and ways of thinking! I am never bored!

My goal is to understand what my clients want from their investment in real estate—and then educate them as much as possible so we can achieve their goals together. When I start my journey with a client, I don’t go straight into business but take the time to get to know their needs and financial situation.

Aside from real estate, I am into gadgets, music, and dancing. I am a foodie, but I also make sure I’m healthy and in shape. I am an explorer at heart—I like finding new things to do!

As a first-time home buyer I had many doubts and was unsure how to start the home buying process, but after an interaction with Kuldeep the process looked easy. He walked me through the step by step process answering all my questions, he has great knowledge and knows what needs to be done. Kuldeep goes that extra mile when it comes to showing the property, whether it is a video tour or walk-through, he is always there to respond quickly and react to match the current paced marked. #HappyRealtor making clients happy :)”

Dushyanth Salla
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Sri Harsha Saraswatula Aditya Soma Team

Sri Harsha Saraswatula


I am the #FlyingRealtor, Sri Harsha Saraswatula – a real estate agent helping people realize their goals.

I chose this career because it allowed me to unleash the real potential that I saw within myself. When you’re working with people committed to making a difference, it’s easy to feel inspired by them – and that’s what makes my work so rewarding.

I’m a hands-on kind of guy, and I love getting in there to do the work myself when needed. But I’m also an analyzer by nature, so I like to learn about all the technical stuff that goes into buying or selling a home – it gives me a better understanding of what my clients are going through. It also helps me with creative solutions for my clients’ needs.

What makes me different from other realtors? My focus is on how I can help my clients get their homes, find out what they need and do everything to make that happen for them.

Venissh Marshels Aditya Soma Team

Venissh Marshels


I am #ValueAgent, Venissh, a real estate agent with Wincity Real Estate Team based in Windsor, Ontario. I am a hard-working and driven individual ready to face any challenge. A fun-filled young father, a civil engineer, working on a journey toward financial freedom!

As a realtor, I spend a lot of time on the road. Despite that, I still enjoy county drives with soft music playing in the background – it helps me keep a rhythm and energy throughout the day. I also love playing card games and poker with friends and family.

I completed my Master’s degree from the University of Windsor and worked as a civil engineer in a heavy construction job for several years. While working in my field, I felt like something was missing. I discovered real estate investing when I read the book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” I chose a career in real estate because I make quick acquaintances and help my friends and family’s needs with my skill sets. Seeing them happy and grateful made me realize I could serve better with proper education. To this day, I am still learning new ways to improve my business practices, expand my reach, and grow as an agent.

I am a realtor who believes in the fundamentals of a relationship. I focus on getting to know my clients personally. It allows me to understand their needs and wants better. I focus on understanding their unique situation and helping them achieve their goals. I feel amazing when I help my clients find the home they are looking for and dance in happiness as they sign on the dotted line!

I don’t just talk a good game; I back it up with hard work. I’m always available to answer questions or concerns via phone or email (or even text!), and I make it a point to follow up with my clients from start to finish to ensure the success of their journey.


My family and I were looking to move from Toronto to Windsor and Venissh was instrumental in finding us our dream home. Venissh’s level of professionalism is top-notch, he is well informed about the Windsor real estate market and gave solid expert advice which really helped me in making an unregretful decision. I’ll definitely recommend him to anyone.”

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Gurinder Bir Singh Aditya Soma Team

Gurinder Bir Singh


I am Gurinder Bir Singh. I have been a real estate investor since 2013 and have experience with different investment strategies such as house-hacking, BRRRR, flipping, pre-construction, multifamily residential and commercial investing. I also own an IT consulting company and a business in the personal service industry.

Besides work, I ensure to spend quality time with my daughter (my biggest “WHY”), my family and my little fur baby, a French bulldog. I enjoy driving and you might see me cruising around the city in “MIGHTY”, my all-black Land Rover Defender.

Over the years, I have successfully closed many real estate transactions and acquired a number of properties – mostly in Windsor. I fell in love with the city so much that I now call Windsor my home and I am very excited to join forces with the amazing WinCity Real Estate Team for the next phase of my real estate journey.

I’m thrilled and looking forward to helping people build their real estate portfolios; whether it’s for their primary use or an investment. I have been on both sides of the real estate transaction many times and my clients will highly benefit from my expertise as a real estate agent and an investor.

I will be glad to assist you with anything Real Estate related. Feel free to connect!

Sahas Ashwatha Aditya Soma Team

Sahas Ashwatha


I’m Sahas Ashwatha, an expert in the Leasing Agent role. As an upbeat professional with over 4 years of property management experience, I am confident in my ability to deliver results for all WinCity RE clients.

As a Property Manager, I help clients calculate rental rates for homes, advertise, show homes to potential tenants, collect rent, create an annual budget and contract repairs when needed. I always conduct myself in a professional manner and address my client’s concerns as quickly as possible.

I ventured into real estate to help my father manage properties for his small business. He had 15-20 apartments and an industrial building. As I grew up, I became more involved in helping him manage properties. He taught me how to interact with tenants and taught me what to do and what not to do when a tenant damages property or is behind on rent. I believe that a Property Manager should always be considerate of the needs of their tenants. My father never allowed a repair to go unaddressed. If a tenant called and said something was broken, he made sure to get someone to the property as soon as possible. I carry that same sense of urgency in my work.

In addition to helping my father, I have also worked as a Leasing Agent for a property management firm which allowed me to gain an insight into the Canadian Real Estate Market and the industry. I look forward to putting my know-how and experience to work for my clients in future.

Adharsh Thangamani Aditya Soma Team

Adharsh Thangamani


Hi there, this is Adharsh Thangamani. As you can see from the picture, I am and always have been fascinated by cameras and content. I’m primarily a cinematographer and editor. This field has been my calling for as long as I can remember and I have been actively working in it since I turned 18.

I flew in from Thunder Bay immediately after my formal education and got the opportunity to connect with Aditya through a common connection. I have been working with Aditya and his WinCity Real Estate team ever since.

As a creator, I am constantly striving to elevate the level of our content in order to make a difference for our clients.

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