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I Never Shared This Story With Anyone Before – An Immigrant Life Story

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Hi, if you are on this page, you probably want to know more about me or my life. Who is Aditya Soma? And how did he manage to attain financial freedom by the age of 30? To answer these questions, I’ll have to take you a little into my past to let you see where this desire of becoming successful came from. I was born in a small village in Telangana, India and during my childhood, I hardly saw my father because he worked hard as a labourer in Dubai. We were poor and under so much debt that my parents could hardly afford to stay together and put food on our table. So, I was put in a boarding school at the age of 5. Perhaps I could not understand every situation back then, but one thing I understood – the pain doesn’t have to be physical for it to hurt.
Fast forward in 2012, I came to Canada to study and make something of my life. And guess what? I got another debt to get here. By this time, my father had a $250,000 debt and in no way could he pay that off from his $200 monthly salary. I was their only hope and I couldn’t let them down. I completed my engineering, became a software engg., got a job, and yet, I was unhappy. Because with my minuscule salary, it would have taken an entire lifetime to pay back the debt that I owed. And I couldn’t see my parents live in fear and worry about where their next meal would come from. In 2019, I left my job as a software engineer and started working as a real estate agent in Windsor, ON. There was a huge potential in the market but I was just another real estate agent out of 4,000 others in a small city.
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I didn’t have a big bank to pour money into marketing which forced me to come out with something different and unexpected for people to know me without spending a dime. I was sitting in a cafe with my wife and I told her to start recording my video on her phone.

That was my first video I created about the real estate market with notes written on the napkin. I posted it on Youtube.

By the way, if you want to check out the story about how my wife and I secretly got married without telling it to anyone, check this:

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I learned how the YouTube algorithm worked. Well, I guess I had no other choice but to learn it and started posting more and more content every single week on the Windsor Real Estate market. I started getting traction, people started commenting on my YouTube videos and buyers started connecting with me to buy properties in Windsor. I was baffled and excited simultaneously at how a small thing as a video can get you your first deal. Today I have over 18,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, more than 1 Million views & made more than $150 Million in Sales with the help of my awesome team at Wincity RE. I also paid back all my father’s debt and got my family to Canada to live with us, finally.

Over the years I been investing into real estate and made a decent portfolios of 44+ Units (a mix of single, duplex, triplexes, and a 17unit apartment apartment building).

Here’s a video of the 17 unit building:

I have finally fulfilled my childhood desire to live with my parents by bringing them to Canada and for the first time in my life I could see my father genuinely happy living his dream life, and that makes me grateful for this life. Today, my journey is not over yet. I might have fulfilled my father’s dreams but there is still a long way to go to help some other Aditya or Sam or Samatha to live a life of FREEDOM they desire. Real estate is a vehicle which can get you to that freedom. I’ll continue making videos, help people buy and sell real estate, and give my community power to change their financial situation. You may not be able to change where and how you’re born, but you can surely change your destiny. You always have a choice 👊 If you are ready to take your next step to live a Life of Freedom, connect with me.
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