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Meet Aditya Soma

Born and raised in India to a hard-working farming family, Aditya Kumar Soma moved to Canada in 2012 to attend university and for a better, more stable life. After graduating, he started work as a software developer with Chrysler, but found it did not give him the freedom and stability he was seeking. Despite a 100K family debt to repay, he bet on himself and moved on to find his own path to success.

While working in mutli-level marketing in 2016, he was introduced to the concept of rental properties and asset management. Suddenly, he found his calling: real estate. His first property was a success; giving him the personal and professional success he was looking for, erasing his family’s debt, and opening new opportunities for himself and his family in Canada. He hasn’t looked back since.

To date, Aditya has sold more than $13 million in rental and investment properties in Windsor, and helped more than 50 local families with their real estate needs. He has started branching out into his own firm, Win City Real Estate with three other agents, and earned the EXP Realty Icon Agent award for his work.

In his spare time, he creates YouTube videos advising people on how they can achieve financial freedom through real estate, enjoys
exercising, watching thriller movies, and spending time with the most important people in his life, his family.