Pros and Cons of Life in Windsor, Ontario

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Have you ever though about moving to Windsor or getting a home in the area? It a good idea to see what’s makes the city great and what need improvement.

Living in Windsor itself can have a good amount of advantages. Every neighbourhood has such a unique look and feel that it will be easy to find the neighbourhood for you. Walkerville is designed for young professionals. Ford City is for up and coming entrepreneurs. Forest Glade has all the amenities for new families, and Riverside is perfect for the higher end consumer. No matter your temperament, there’s a neighbourhood for you

The city itself has a unique blend of events, local businesses, and amenities that make it a worthwhile place to call home. Annual events such as the Carousel of Nations, Art in the Park, and the Windsor International Film Festival create the atmosphere of an artistically inclined populous, and local pizzeria are plentiful, with a style that has been called one of the best in the nation. Caesars Windsor provides all the glitz and glam you can ask for, and Detroit is always nearby to double your entertainment options,

There are also advantages from an investor’s point of view. Real estate in Windsor is inexpensive, the rental properties are bound to create cash flow, and the variety in neighbourhoods make it easy to find a property that matches your ideal tenant. The proximity to the border also opens up possibilities, doubling your chances of finding the perfect renter for you.

Now, despite all of the above, Windsor is not without its faults. The downtown core is not very aesthetically pleasing, and is in need of revitalization. The lack of a marketable downtown has also hurt the amount of attractions in the city, aside from the Casino. A high unemployment rate also plagues the city, but a rise in online employment seeks to fix this. Overall, Windsor is worth a second look if you’re looking for a city to call your own.

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